1. These are excerpts taken from State Statutes and other sources. Information herein should not be assumed accurate, and if you find yourself needing accurate information about law, you are hereby advised to consult a lawyer. Information herein should be used for informational, and not legal, purposes only.
  2. Any Device listed below as “legal to carry” only applies if carried with legal intent (that is for self defense).  Most often states that allow citizens to carry weapons and devices for self defense have increased penalties for using them in commission of a crime.

Wyoming’s  Expanded Self Defense Law

You can use deadly force, with no duty to retreat, if you reasonably believe it is necessary to prevent death or serious bodily injury to yourself or another or to prevent a violent felony from being committed.

Duty to Retreat: No

Where the Law Applies:  Anywhere you legally have the right to be

Wyoming’s  Allowance of Self Defense Devices

  • Pepper Spray – Yes
  • Stun Guns and Tasers – Yes

Wyoming’s  Concealed Carry Law

Wisconsin is a Shall Issue Sate: A Shall-Issue jurisdiction is one that requires a permit to carry a concealed handgun, but where the granting of such permits is subject only to meeting certain criteria laid out in the law; the granting authority has no discretion in the awarding of the permits. Such laws typically state that a granting authority shall issue a permit if the criteria are met, as opposed to laws in which the authority may issue a permit at their discretion.

When engaged by police – must notify of CCW: No

Other Information

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