This little device is one of the most innovative, yet simple self defense tools I have ever seen.

You place your fingers through the eye holes and suddenly you have a viable weapon.   It rest comfortably in your hand and is designed to strike a hard surface (such as the human face).

 When to Use a Device like This:

The Wild Kat keychain may permanently injure or kill your attacker and is not designed to be used when lesser means will suffice, however, when lesser means aren’t acceptable – this thing will do the trick.

Make sure you understand your local laws regarding self defense.

This device is a deadly force weapon that can save your life if you are attacked by a committed and violent attacker who is willing to kill you or do grievous bodily harm.  If the device is legal to carry where you live and you want a non-threatening, cute little keychain, then it is the perfect device for you!

Target Areas


Technique 1: You’ll want to strike the eyes and nose area of your attacker using a raking motion.  A downward diagonal slash will leave most anyone on their knees, holding their face.

Technique 2: punch directly into your attackers eyes.  The ears will fall on both sides of the nose and burry themselves deep into your attackers eye sockets.

Throat and neck:

Technique 1: You will only use this technique if deadly force is justified.  In this technique you will strike upward into your attacker’s throat between the Adam’s apple and the chin.  The ears will fall on both sides of the wind pipe severing the carotid artery and crushing the trachea.  Twist for added effectiveness.

Technique 2: You will strike horizontally into the side of your attacker’s neck.  Once the device penetrates the skin pull or push violently toward the wind pipe of your attacker.  You will rip through the muscle, the carotid artery and the windpipe.  Now twist to finish it off.

Chest and Arms:

I do not suggest attacking this area since there will not be as much effect.  However, in a fight you may only have these targets.

Technique 1: Arm Pit and inner arm.  Striking upward into the arm pit then twisting or upward between the bicep and triceps muscle will severe the brachial artery.

Technique 2: In a choke hold – drive the device into the underside of the forearm.  Twist until the attacker lets go.


Strike Deep and Hard – The Twist.  This is not as disabling as the other attacks, but will be a great distraction or follow up attack to help you escape.

Groin and Inner Thighs:

Men will often leave this vital target area exposed while attacking a woman – use this to your advantage.

Technique 1: Standing close to the attacker face to face – drive the kat downward into his groin or upper/inner thigh.  Then twist.

Technique 2: The attacker has knocked you to the ground and is either standing above you or is sitting on you – drive the device horizontally into his inner thigh.  Just below the groin.

Technique 3. The attacker is standing in front of you facing any direction.  Drive the device upward into the testicles.  Then twist…

Lower legs:

If you have been knocked to the ground and are being kicked…

Drive the kat into the meaty portion of the calf muscle.  Then…. TWIST!

As you can see from the pictures this cute little device makes a great key chain.  The truth of the matter is – you’ll probably never need it to defend yourself, but after reading this, don’t you feel a little safer?


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